Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Hurricane Ian Bears Down on Cuba, as Florida Prepares

By The New York Times from NYT U.S. https://ift.tt/pSLCMI9

$500 a Month for an Entire Floor in Brooklyn

By D.W. Gibson from NYT Real Estate https://ift.tt/fQ7NHw5

More Trans Teens Are Choosing ‘Top Surgery’

By Azeen Ghorayshi from NYT Health https://ift.tt/ClwVtzx

Factory Jobs Are Booming Like It’s the 1970s

By Jim Tankersley, Alan Rappeport and Ana Swanson from NYT Business https://ift.tt/S8PxJUD

Giorgia Meloni Wins Voting in Italy, in Breakthrough for Europe’s Hard Right

By Jason Horowitz from NYT World https://ift.tt/WKcDxiC

Apple Shot an Oscar Contender Starring Will Smith. That Was Before the Slap.

By Nicole Sperling from NYT Business https://ift.tt/r1vN7G9

‘House of the Dragon,’ Season 1, Episode 6 Recap: A Scandal Spills Over

By Jeremy Egner from NYT Arts https://ift.tt/iyKrqZD

Monday, 26 September 2022

Spelling Bee Forum

By New York Times Games from NYT Gameplay https://ift.tt/tObwEki

Russia Begins Mobilizing Ukrainians to Fight Against Their Own Country

By Marc Santora from NYT World https://ift.tt/VaJZtrj

U.S. Warns Russia of ‘Catastrophic Consequences’ if It Uses Nuclear Weapons

By David E. Sanger and Jim Tankersley from NYT U.S. https://ift.tt/BHYFjwq

Lost Hope of Lasting Democratic Majority

By Nate Cohn from NYT The Upshot https://ift.tt/xifo3hV

This Surveillance Artist Knows How You Got That Perfect Instagram Photo

By Kashmir Hill from NYT Technology https://ift.tt/Ujtfq6G

Silicon Valley Slides Back Into ‘Bro’ Culture

By Erin Griffith from NYT Technology https://ift.tt/Ad4Nrgu

More Than 700 Children Have Died in a Measles Outbreak in Zimbabwe

By Tendai Marima and Stephanie Nolen from NYT Health https://ift.tt/R5Aqwgd

Jim Post, Known for a Memorably ‘Groovy’ Hit Song, Dies at 82

By Richard Sandomir from NYT Arts https://ift.tt/8GQ0L5D

Sunday, 25 September 2022

Spelling Bee Forum

By New York Times Games from NYT Gameplay https://ift.tt/FVTwyAu

The Safe Space That Became a Viral Nightmare

By Sarah Viren from NYT Magazine https://ift.tt/CLdtwmY

How do I know if my symptoms are from Covid or the flu?

By Dani Blum from NYT Well https://ift.tt/PH2eTa8

Melatonin Isn’t a Sleeping Pill. Here’s How to Use It.

By Amelia Nierenberg from NYT Well https://ift.tt/q24tKDC

40 TV Shows to Watch This Fall

By Mike Hale from NYT Arts https://ift.tt/qVw6YU1

‘Sobering’ Study Shows Challenges of Egg Freezing

By Gina Kolata from NYT Health https://ift.tt/F9RzVqI

Tropical Storm Ian Could Hit Florida as a Major Hurricane

By The New York Times from NYT U.S. https://ift.tt/PqUigNK

Saturday, 24 September 2022

Why Is My Husband Marrying Her?

By Briana Pozner from NYT Style https://ift.tt/EMsYTUu

Celtics Say Suspending Coach Ime Udoka Was a Matter of ‘Conscience’

By Scott Cacciola from NYT Sports https://ift.tt/WaU1Fji

The Pastors Being Driven Out by Trumpism

By Michael Barbaro, Asthaa Chaturvedi, Stella Tan, Lynsea Garrison, Rachelle Bonja, Michael Benoist, Patricia Willens, Marion Lozano, Dan Powell, Elisheba Ittoop and Chris Wood from NYT Podcasts https://ift.tt/zVXJEeG

Lorne Michaels Discusses the ‘Year of Reinvention’ Coming to ‘S.N.L.’

By Dave Itzkoff from NYT Arts https://ift.tt/7MtXufq

Ukraine War Comes Home to Russians as Putin Imposes Draft

By Anton Troianovski, Valerie Hopkins, Ivan Nechepurenko and Alina Lobzina from NYT World https://ift.tt/kO7FQPN

Supreme Court Says Alabama Can Kill Prisoner With Method He Fears

By Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs from NYT U.S. https://ift.tt/daDzuG9

Ryan Grantham of ‘Riverdale’ Sentenced to Life for Mother’s Murder

By Matt Stevens from NYT Arts https://ift.tt/DOdGPYN

‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Review: Burning Down the Dollhouse

By Manohla Dargis from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/5eVYKoy

Friday, 23 September 2022

Celtics Coach Ime Udoka Suspended for 2022-23 Season

By Scott Cacciola from NYT Sports https://ift.tt/T2AKJZu

As Trump’s Legal Woes Mount, So Do Financial Pressures on Him

By Maggie Haberman, Ben Protess, Matthew Goldstein and Eric Lipton from NYT U.S. https://ift.tt/Q4MhJd9

Europe’s Shrinking Waterways Reveal Treasures, and Experts Are Worried

By Derrick Bryson Taylor from NYT World https://ift.tt/s94hWCP

How Much Water Do You Actually Need?

By Christie Aschwanden from NYT Well https://ift.tt/p0Oy7xs

Thursday, 22 September 2022

Spelling Bee Forum

By New York Times Games from NYT Gameplay https://ift.tt/lGPtOoC

Neptune and Its Rings Come Into Focus With Webb Telescope

By Jonathan O’Callaghan from NYT Science https://ift.tt/xJ6vNrP

Virginia Thomas Agrees to Interview With Jan. 6 Panel

By Luke Broadwater and Maggie Haberman from NYT U.S. https://ift.tt/iPIfEkC

Appeals Court Frees Justice Dept. to Use Sensitive Files Seized From Trump

By Charlie Savage, Glenn Thrush and Alan Feuer from NYT U.S. https://ift.tt/5tj61yx

Writer Who Says Trump Raped Her Plans to Use New Law to Prove It

By Benjamin Weiser from NYT New York https://ift.tt/pMg5wEV

Why Adnan Syed Was Released From Prison

By Unknown Author from NYT Podcasts https://ift.tt/F7gqR0L

Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Spelling Bee Forum

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The schedule of events for the day.

By Emma Bubola from NYT World https://ift.tt/OYnQlar

Tuesday, 20 September 2022

Spelling Bee Forum

By New York Times Games from NYT Gameplay https://ift.tt/tpXKJlT

Judge Vacates Murder Conviction of Adnan Syed of ‘Serial’

By Michael Levenson from NYT U.S. https://ift.tt/XnKDVQa

Monday, 19 September 2022

Spelling Bee Forum

By New York Times Games from NYT Gameplay https://ift.tt/gsCdiMv

The New, Improved James Cameron Wants to Reintroduce You to ‘Avatar’

By Dave Itzkoff from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/jnHRdIk

Hurricane Fiona Knocks Out Power in Puerto Rico, Governor Says

By The New York Times from NYT U.S. https://ift.tt/HIri1Pj

Sunday, 18 September 2022

Spelling Bee Forum

By New York Times Games from NYT Gameplay https://ift.tt/XGyYzH7

Five Horror Movies to Stream Now

By Erik Piepenburg from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/QnzmXqT

The Last, Painful Days of Anthony Bourdain

By Kim Severson from NYT Food https://ift.tt/9KvPtxI

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