Tuesday 18 August 2020

How To Start Social Media Marketing As A Beginner In 2020 - STEP BY STEP 3

How To Start Social Media Marketing As A Beginner In 2020 - STEP BY STEP 2

How To Start Social Media Marketing As A Beginner In 2020 - STEP BY STEP 1

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Thursday 13 August 2020

Here’s My Secret…

      First, before I start spilling the beans, please know being a super affiliate is HARD.

      Yes, many ClickBank marketers can make upwards of a million dollars a year, but those results are not typical.

      It takes effort.

      Like working out at the gym, you have to put some muscle into it.

      That stated, day in and day out, there are proven strategies, principles and tactics EVERY ClickBank super affiliate uses.

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      They brought in ClickBank super affiliates that train you in doing what they do to earn those Monster ClickBank checks and direct deposits.

      The strategies are proven, but it does take effort.

      I’d be lying to you if I said it didn’t

      But here’s the thing:

      Most super affiliates I know would rather work for themselves, create their own business and achieve their dream of becoming financial free… than work for someone else.

      In other words? It’s worth it.

      But the thing is, many people first starting out as an affiliate are not trained. They’re winging it.

      And it’s eventually going to cost them.

      Either in a loss of enthusiasm. Or of time. Or of money.   

      Because they don’t know what works.

      That’s why ClickBank views their https://bit.ly/33W6Cbk ClickBank University 2.0 as essential, especially if you’re set on being a ClickBank super affiliate.

      In other words, why learn the multitude of ways that don’t work rather than just focus on the few that do?

      Why learn from people that haven’t done it rather than those that have--time and time again?

      The secret to success is to learn from those already successful.    

      Assuming you’re up for it, https://bit.ly/31KNbzz  ClickBank University 2.0 is for super affiliates in the making. Enrollment is now open and I encourage you to https://bit.ly/2XW1gZK watch the video before it’s gone.

Wednesday 12 August 2020

Got Soul Reading

Hi ,

I had a wave of goosebumps come over me as I read your name earlier today…

Like some kind of eerie suspicion that you were in desperate need of guidance from this last few weeks events…

What happened to you?

I can sense something brewing…

Powerful energy surrounding you that will be focused into one of two directions very soon…

I know it sounds a little odd, but I decided to put together a soul reading for you..

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With it, you’ll reveal the challenges your soul is experiencing right now (and how to overcome them). 

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(I was skeptical too, at first. But when I got my Soul Reading I was blown away at how accurate it was. I think you’ll find the same).



P.S. Warning: you’ll find some incredibly intimate and personal information in this reading.

>>> So proceed with an open mind and heart.

Tuesday 11 August 2020

5 Reasons You Need Crypto in Your Retirement Portfolio

5 Reasons You Need Crypto in Your Retirement Portfolio

You may have heard of the “60/40” rule for retirement accounts.  In the past, conservative brokers have traditionally recommended putting 60% of your assets in stocks and 40% in bonds.

Just take a look at how that advice is playing out in today’s economic climate.  If you are continuing to follow the 60/40 rule, think again.

Bond yields have seen an alarming plunge and stocks are still near all-time highs, even with dips caused by the coronavirus panic.  Volatility levels have been rising and are showing no signs of slowing down as the world braces for an inevitable recession. Not exactly the time to have all your money in stocks and bonds, right?

Time for a little secret.  Let’s take a hypothetical trip back in time.  It’s 2013. There’s an asset out there that you could add to your portfolio.  It’s called cryptocurrency. You want to play it extra safe and only make it 1% of your total investments.

Guess what?  By 2020, your portfolio with a 1% crypto stake has outperformed the traditional 60/40 portfolio by 20 percent.  The most exciting part? This is just the beginning.

Last year, CNBC reported that the United States government’s Social Security program is set to be insolvent by 2035.  If you’re in your 50’s or younger, don’t count on much help, if any, from Uncle Sam in your golden years. Likewise, the era of company-sponsored pensions is long gone and 401(k) matches are getting worse or disappearing completely.

In fact, “According to some reports, many people under 40 believe they will never retire,” says Morgan Steckler, cryptocurrency retirement fund expert of iTrust Capital.  But for those that are smart enough to get into crypto now, “it could still lead to life-changing returns and give those people that option to retire if they so choose,” Steckler added.

A 2018 study by Ramsay Solutions exposed what could be considered a crisis in this country, revealing that roughly half of Americans are not saving for retirement.  Another study by Bankrate predicts that half of all working households will experience a decrease in their standard of living during their retirement. Is that really what you’ve been working towards and planning for your whole life?

All of these facts aren’t going unnoticed.  We’ve recently seen Fairfax County in Virginia take the groundbreaking step of investing millions of its pension funds into cryptocurrencies.  Even the IRS is on board, having approved crypto IRAs for the general public.

It’s never too late to start planning for your retirement, and it’s still not too early to start investing in cryptocurrency.  If you haven’t seriously considered adding crypto to your portfolio yet, now is the time. Don’t just take our word for it, though.  Let’s take a look at the top reasons why crypto should be a part of your retirement plans.

1.  Diversification

We’ve all heard the saying, it’s as old as the concept of investing itself:  “Never put all your eggs in one basket.” Diversification helps you minimize the risk associated with a single asset, yet still allows you to enjoy the growth of each.

The same applies to your retirement account.  The old-fashioned strategy of only putting stocks and bonds in your tax-deferred retirement accounts is becoming obsolete.  The IRS is fully on board with precious metals, real estate, and cryptocurrencies as part of retirement IRAs.

Any financial advisor worth their salt will recommend diversifying 5-10% into precious metals, and many are now suggesting the same with cryptocurrency.  And why wouldn’t they? As an exciting new asset class that has seen consistent and explosive growth for a decade, it’d be irresponsible not to.

2.  Protection from the Government

Pick a cryptocurrency.  Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.  It doesn’t matter which you choose, no government can control any of them.  It’s literally impossible for Uncle Sam to seize your Bitcoins from your wallet against your will.  They’d need your private key to access your funds. If you didn’t give it to them, then it would take the most powerful computer on earth BILLIONS of years just to crack it.

The government can’t print more digital currency either as they can with paper bills.  Bitcoin, for example, has a set amount of coins, period. All that will ever exist were created with the currency itself.  Outside forces are unable to manipulate it, unlike the Dollar, Euro, Yuan, etc.

With crypto, you’re protected from other nefarious third parties, as well.  Cryptocurrencies don’t use middlemen, so transactions are direct between two parties.  This means that it’s easier, faster, and safer overall.

3.  Long-Term Growth Potential

Despite the fact that we have already seen an enormous amount of growth in the crypto space, we are still in its relative infancy.  The other major asset classes out there such as precious metals, real estate, stocks, and bonds have all had a head start of hundreds or even thousands of years.

Bitcoin has now been around for roughly 10 years, which puts it in a uniquely advantageous position.  We’re currently in the sweet spot where it has a long enough track record to consider it an established and stable commodity, but it’s still in its relative infancy compared to other investment options.

The subsequent upside?  There’s still tremendous growth potential.  Many have been predicting six- and seven-figure values for a single Bitcoin in a few years.  Sound crazy? It’s most of the same people that predicted the rise from a few hundred dollars up to the $10,000 level that we’re hovering around today (and PS, most of them are now filthy rich).

4.  Crypto is Resilient

Back in 2013, the LA Times famously published an article where they smugly declared the death of Bitcoin.  How’d that work out for them? The article has aged quite poorly, to say the least.

Bitcoin has taken beatings both in the media and in the markets.  Detractors and naysayers have been around since the beginning, and they have continually been proven wrong.  Nowadays, if you’re blindly slamming crypto, then prepare to be considered out of touch.

One argument you’ll hear against Bitcoin is the volatility of the market.  Earlier this decade, Bitcoin actually lost 70% of its value practically overnight.  The naysayers won’t tell you how it quickly bounced back and shot up past its previous highs, though.  It’s the same thing that happens every time. Compare that to the stock, bond, or real estate markets, which can take years just to creep back up to previous levels.

5.  It’s Already Mainstream

As we just saw, there’s still a large crowd of crypto-doubters out there.  Another one of their arguments is that Bitcoin and other altcoins are still lacking in mainstream adoption.  When you look at the evidence and trends however, you’ll see that this point just isn’t true anymore in 2020.

Want to order something from Overstock.com?  Grab a bite from a restaurant? Purchase sports tickets?  A computer? Or a trans-Atlantic flight? Well, you’re in luck.  Some of the biggest companies and organizations in the world accept Bitcoin as payment, including Microsoft, Dell, Tesla, the NBA, and Virgin Galactic.  People are even buying houses with crypto these days.

It’s not even a question anymore.  Bitcoin has already taken a foothold in the mainstream.  Add to this the fact that on a global scale, more people have access to the internet than they have to banks or other currency systems.  This is especially the case in developing areas such as Africa, where hundreds of millions of people will gain internet access for the first time in the coming decades.  Given that the supply of Bitcoin is fixed, we’re going to see a massive increase in demand as third world nations develop.

Marcus Swanepoel, Chief Executive of Luno, explains how “Cryptocurrency is uniquely positioned at the apex of technology and finance. It has been lauded as a potential game-changer for society.”  Expect prices to rise accordingly.

It’s Not Too Late

The price of Bitcoin has seen incredible growth, but it’s not too late to get in at what is still a relatively low level.  By investing in cryptocurrencies, you’re not only protecting your portfolio from the volatility of the markets, but you’re setting it up for significant future growth, as well.  Plus, you can save big on taxes by using cryptocurrency to contribute to your retirement IRA. It’s the best of both worlds.

At Regal Assets, we believe in providing you with trusted and proven cryptocurrency investment options.  We take pride in the way we do business and have enjoyed helping our clients grow their portfolios for over a decade now.  Our expert team members work side-by-side with you every step of the way, so you can be sure that your wealth is safe and in a position to grow.

See for yourself what we offer with our FREE Investor’s Kit.  It explains Regal’s IRS-approved investment options and how they work.  We’ll help you choose the right strategy to achieve your goals.

Gold Prices Target $1,900 as Oil Continues to Plunge

Gold Prices Target $1,900 as Oil Continues to Plunge

Gold Prices

The start of the week saw gold prices reclaim the $1,700 level after hitting support levels late last week.  The precious metal was also aided by crashing crude oil prices and continuing concerns regarding coronavirus-induced damage to the economy.

Gold hit its lowest point since April 9 at the end of last week due to reports of new treatments for COVID-19.  The price was back to approaching $1,700 by midday Monday though, hitting $1,692, with futures also climbing to $1,709.

That could just be the beginning of a continued upswing for precious metal investors however, with TD Securities issuing a target of $1,900 an ounce in a mere three months from now.  The reasons for the jump are primarily the anticipation of continued safe-haven demand amid market uncertainty and the continued stimulus efforts of central banks.

There is also the belief among analysts that the market is currently undervaluing gold, especially when taking into account the expected long-term inflation and the overall scale of global quantitative easing.

Bart Melek, TD Securities’ Head of Commodity Strategies, explained how “The Fed’s latest QE program is now the largest on record. Of course, there is a well-known relationship between QE and lower real rates, such that it ultimately suppresses real rates by lifting inflation expectations at a faster pace than nominal rates … The Fed and other central banks are likely to keep their uber-easy policies in place for far longer than anticipated, following a decade of below-target inflation and a newfound interest in asymmetric inflation targeting,”

Melek had good news for gold investors moving forward though, saying that “Gold has been very much subject to what has been happening in the broader market … There will be a positive view of the economy going forward as things open up and given all the massive amounts of monetary and fiscal stimulus, the market will turn to gold as a protector against inflation.”

He added that he sees the price of gold reaching $2,000 an ounce by the end of next year.  The key will be at the point when the U.S. begins to see some economic stability again, but while interest rates are still low.  That’s when inflation will come into play. The bigger the problem that inflation is, the higher gold prices will go. Melek sees gold climbing all the way to $2,100 if the inflation is severe enough.

Falling Oil Prices Arrow

The precious metal has also been helped by a fading dollar and a freefall of crude oil prices.  These factors indicate that investors’ appetite for risk is dwindling, and has helped overcome the optimism concerning a possible vaccine and the easing of global lockdowns, both of which have had a negative impact on the bullion markets recently.

Oil Prices

Oil prices, in particular, have had a tremendous positive impact on gold.  The crude oil market is continuing to experience astounding losses, with prices at their weakest levels on record.  In fact, experts are not ruling out negative prices. Global lockdowns have helped kill the demand for a commodity that was already hurting due to a price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia.  OPEC+ recently cut a major deal to limit output and reduce oversupply problems, but that now seems to be a case of too little and too late. Seeing a leading commodity collapse has only driven up the safe-haven demand for gold among investors, amid a market that has already been plagued with anxiety.

In the very short term though, one can still expect the bullion market to still be somewhat sluggish as investors brace for quarterly earnings reports.  Roughly 20% of the S&P 500 will report earnings this week, and analysts are expecting the worst results year-over-year since 2009.

Wall Street stumbled out of the gate to start the week as well, even before the release of any earnings reports.  Energy shares in general were hit hard by the crash in oil prices, and the market in general saw a wave of pessimism wash over it as more and more economic data is expected that will detail the severity of the pandemic’s impacts.

The dollar had been gaining momentum in recent weeks thanks to bits of positive news regarding the coronavirus.  Gilead Science’s experimental drug remdesivir has seen some success in combating the virus, but it is far from being fully vetted and tested yet.  Similarly, Novartis said it is now conducting late-stage trials of hydroxychloroquine in patients with COVID-19. The start of roll-backs of quarantine restrictions in some European nations, including Germany, boosted the dollar as well, as did hopes that the global containment measures could soon start to be lifted.

That momentum was short-lived however, and the dollar’s gains started to fade by lunchtime on Monday.  Now, commodity experts are looking to the longer term, where the uncertainty around restarting frozen economies seems set to continue for at least a few more months.  Couple that with the ever-increasing belief that we have now entered a global recession, and one is left with strong support for gold in the medium to long term. Craig Erlam, Senior Market Analyst at Oanda, supports this line of thinking, saying how “the longer-term outlook for the yellow metal remains bright though given the current environment.”

Long story short, experts expect the price of gold to continue to stay strong as long as the coronavirus is dominating the headlines.  Fears of a global recession will persist along with it, as interest rates approach zero or lower. All of this is great news for gold, and the bullish signals show no signs of letting up.

More and more savvy investors are turning to gold as a safe haven, and it’s not too late to get in at what is still a relatively low level.  Even if the coronavirus is eradicated in a few months, which is now the best-case scenario, many of the world’s top economies are still in serious trouble and becoming more and more susceptible to inflation.  By investing in gold, you’re not only protecting your portfolio from the volatility of the markets, but you’re setting it up for significant future growth as the global economy inevitably rebounds post-pandemic.

At Regal Assets, we believe in providing you with trusted and proven precious metal investment options.  We take pride in the way we do business and have enjoyed helping our clients grow their portfolios for over a decade now.  Our expert team members work side-by-side with you every step of the way, so you can be sure that your wealth is safe and in a position to grow.

See for yourself what we offer with our FREE Investor’s Kit.  It explains Regal’s IRS-approved investment options and how they work.  We’ll help you choose the right strategy to achieve your goals.

Monday 10 August 2020

“Get Started: Your First Steps To Making Money Online Revealed!”

I’ll explain in a moment who I am but more importantly, the question is…

  • So what am I doing right?
  • What are “they” doing right?

Well here’s the answer:

  • Some people make money in this business by ripping others off. They pitch, sell and trick people into handing over money for promises that they, the buyer will make even more money for their “investment”.
  • Then there’s some people who actually make money in this business providing something of TRUE value to others, giving them great information, advice and selling products and services which actually hold real value and ethical outcomes.

Now I am proud to say that I am in the second category of marketers who run a fully automated business on the internet. And what you hear about people working from home, picking their own hours and having a lot of freedom is absolutely true and possible, but only if you follow what I have personally learned works and that’s 3 very important tips which I’ll share momentarily…

But who am I? Where are my credentials?

Fair question:
1) The name’s Vitaliy and to date (since 2005), I have amassed over $1 million in revenue from online marketing.

2) Additionally, I have recently opened up free coaching services you can read about below.

3) You are also more than welcome to view my blog on this very site (see menu above) where I talk about topics relating to actually making money online as well as review programs that claim to teach that correctly and in the reviews I do, I typically dissect the program and let you know if it works.

4) As for specific credentials (aka, the proof of over $1 million earned), look no further than the top right of this page where I share some real life case studies in which I’ve made anywhere from a little profit to gigantic sums of money as well as the income stats I just shared with you above.

In some case studies, I detail how I create a little bit or a good amount of income online. While in others, I explain really huge success stories, such as one case where I made a $200,000 website. https://fbio.net/Da5ai

I actively add more and more of these so you are always welcome to follow this site, ask me questions and see how I’m making money online, because in each case study I do, I explain how I did it so you can too:

How I make this work:

There is a specific formula to making a stable and dependable income from the internet and here it is:

While you may have light bulbs popping up from reading this, I’m sure a large majority of you will ask what a niche is…

Fear not, here’s some examples that should clear that up: https://fbio.net/Da5ai

While there’s only 2 examples there, it should be enough to at least clarify, even if only a bit, how this business works and let me tell you, it is the BEST and most successful formula I’ve ever tried. With this formula, you’re ethically making money.

Don’t deviate from this formula…and here’s why:

Of the countless people I’ve showed this formula to, there have been a large percentage who have felt this was too much, took too much work and they just didn’t want to bother with it.

They needed a “quicker route”. Inevitably this way of thinking ALWAYS leads people down to scam products, which while promising those quick routes, only offers misery and lighter wallets, if not a downright bankruptcy at the end of the road…

And it may even be that you are reading this page right now because you were down that road and you already know how it ended and are ready to come back and try again. Let me repeat: The formula I gave you above is the BEST to create a stable and ethical business through, BUT…

It takes work. You can’t make easy money with easy effort.

Shortcuts in life exist only when you worked hard enough to create that.

Imagine a man who is building a bridge to travel through. He has a short distance to go from one land to another, but it’s divided by water, hence why he needs a bridge. Traveling around on foot takes too long, so a bridge makes the path short, but he needs to make it.

He has to put in the hard work, make the bridge and when it’s done, he will be able to travel with ease.

With this analogy one part of land represents where you are now, the person looking to basically do what I do.

And the other piece of land, where you’re aiming to get to is where you are at the point of making good money and enjoying life.

To get there, you need to build that bridge. The question is how and that’s where I want to share a very important bridge building option…

The one program that helps you build that bridge.

Of the countless mistakes I made trying to build my personal bridge to success, I learned that in order to do this, I needed a proven formula to building it.

And once I found it, and put in the effort and overtime, I built it and now I sit here writing about how you can too, making a healthy online income. So what is this proven formula?

It is basically a program which nails down the niche site formula I talked about.

A single site can have earning potential well into full income levels (such as the ones you saw above) and whatever you personally believe that to be, be it even millions, a single site CAN reach that level with the right training.

I honestly have several examples to show how well following this program has done for me and one of the biggest is this one which last year grossed over $70k, all by following that plan of helping people fix problems I showed you earlier.

And frankly, anyone who also dedicates themselves to working with this program can get the same results.

My recommendation:

1) Understand the main point I made about the best way to earn online.

2) Do not allow yourself to be disillusioned by the get rich quick programs. They are mirages, they are fakes and they will take your money and time.

3) Take the proven program that teaches #1, and do what it tells you and work hard. If there’s anyway to get success in anything, it’s to mimic something that’s already working.

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