Tuesday, 30 November 2021

‘Her Heart Was Beating Too’: The Women Who Died After Abortion Bans

By Sarah Wildman from NYT Opinion https://ift.tt/31dICkV

A judge temporarily blocks a vaccine mandate for health workers in 10 states.

By Giulia Heyward from NYT U.S. https://ift.tt/3ljHBPi

As World Shuts Borders to Stop Omicron, Japan Offers a Cautionary Tale

By Motoko Rich and Hikari Hida from NYT World https://ift.tt/3G0eGr8

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Steps Down From C.E.O. Role

By Kate Conger and Lauren Hirsch from NYT Technology https://ift.tt/3d6cnq5

Chris Cuomo Played Outsize Role in Ex-Gov. Cuomo’s Defense

By Nicholas Fandos, Michael Gold, Grace Ashford and Dana Rubinstein from NYT New York https://ift.tt/3E5QVNT

Spelling Bee Forum

By Isaac Aronow and Doug Mennella from NYT Crosswords & Games https://ift.tt/3I4AYKa

The Latest on Omicron

By David Leonhardt from NYT Briefing https://ift.tt/3D2OuKE

Colton Underwood Comes Out and Comes Clean

By Erik Piepenburg from NYT Arts https://ift.tt/3D24CfI

In Bill Cosby Case, Supreme Court Is Asked to Toss Ruling That Freed Him

By Graham Bowley from NYT Arts https://ift.tt/3o2ZovK

Japan bans all foreign travelers, and Australia delays its reopening.

By Isabel Kershner from NYT World https://ift.tt/3FUcVfb

As U.S. Hunts for Chinese Spies, University Scientists Warn of Backlash

By Amy Qin from NYT World https://ift.tt/3I3bKfu

Why You Procrastinate (It Has Nothing to Do With Self-Control)

By Charlotte Lieberman from NYT Smarter Living https://ift.tt/2FpWtG8

Years of Delays, Billions in Overruns: The Dismal History of Big Infrastructure

By Ralph Vartabedian from NYT U.S. https://ift.tt/3CUhkgt

Monday, 29 November 2021

In a Nonbinary Pronoun, France Sees a U.S. Attack on the Republic

By Roger Cohen and Léontine Gallois from NYT World https://ift.tt/3cWhklC

Snowstorm Leaves Dozens Stranded in Remote U.K. Pub

By Alyssa Lukpat from NYT World https://ift.tt/3nY9hLi

Scientists are studying whether Omicron leads to severe illness.

By Apoorva Mandavilli from NYT Health https://ift.tt/3p2xsaI

The W.H.O. skips forward two Greek letters, avoiding a Xi variant.

By Steven Lee Myers from NYT World https://ift.tt/3FX9uUX

Man Survives Flight From Guatemala to Miami in Plane’s Landing Gear

By Azi Paybarah from NYT U.S. https://ift.tt/2ZC5Ala

Omicron Is Coming. The U.S. Must Act Now.

By Zeynep Tufekci from NYT Opinion https://ift.tt/3o1QJde

Scientists are studying whether Omicron leads to severe illness.

By Apoorva Mandavilli from NYT Health https://ift.tt/3rf2VsO

Will the Vaccines Stop Omicron? Scientists Are Racing to Find Out.

By Apoorva Mandavilli from NYT Health https://ift.tt/3nWiVhn

Spelling Bee Forum

By Isaac Aronow and Doug Mennella from NYT Crosswords & Games https://ift.tt/3xIYnfP

The Disconnect Between Biden’s Popular Policies and His Unpopularity

By Nate Cohn from NYT U.S. https://ift.tt/3p2KlBD

Virgil Abloh, Barrier-Breaking Designer, Is Dead at 41

By Vanessa Friedman from NYT Style https://ift.tt/3liQfNM

Sunday, 28 November 2021

How to Save Your Knees Without Giving Up Your Workout

By Alex Hutchinson from NYT Well https://ift.tt/3x36vr0

Growing Old in High Style

By Steven Kurutz from NYT Style https://ift.tt/30YxpUZ

This Ocean Invaded Its Neighbor Earlier Than Anyone Thought

By Sabrina Imbler from NYT Science https://ift.tt/2Zu0B5P

U.K. confirms two cases of the Omicron coronavirus variant.

By Aina J. Khan and Isabella Grullón Paz from NYT World https://ift.tt/3CWsCkk

How Omicron, the New Covid-19 Variant, Got Its Name

By Vimal Patel from NYT World https://ift.tt/32IqErr

As Omicron Variant Circles the Globe, African Nations Face Blame and Bans

By Benjamin Mueller and Declan Walsh from NYT World https://ift.tt/3cSdmdF

In Minneapolis Schools, White Families Are Asked to Help Do the Integrating

By Sarah Mervosh from NYT U.S. https://ift.tt/3FUZa02

How Austin Became One of the Least Affordable Cities in America

By Edgar Sandoval from NYT U.S. https://ift.tt/313PYHw

An 11-Minute Body-Weight Workout With Proven Fitness Benefits

By Gretchen Reynolds from NYT Well https://ift.tt/3nFWPw4

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Spelling Bee Forum

By Isaac Aronow and Doug Mennella from NYT Crosswords & Games https://ift.tt/3r8WXd8


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In a Picture-Postcard New York Town, Racist Incidents Rattle Schools

By Jesse McKinley from NYT New York https://ift.tt/3xuNk9z

What Does It Mean to ‘Yassify’ Anything?

By Shane O’Neill from NYT Style https://ift.tt/3cNJ0Jf

The Novel That Riveted France During Lockdown Arrives in the U.S.

By Roger Cohen from NYT Books https://ift.tt/3oYqyU1

A Cure for Type 1 Diabetes? For One Man, It Seems to Have Worked.

By Gina Kolata from NYT Health https://ift.tt/3nYIb6S

Slain Woman Had Begged Apartment Complex to Change Locks, Lawsuit Claims

By Eduardo Medina from NYT U.S. https://ift.tt/3nUuANR

Saturday, 27 November 2021

W.H.O. says new variant in South Africa is ‘of concern’ as countries impose travel restrictions.

By Jason Horowitz, Lynsey Chutel and Mike Ives from NYT World https://ift.tt/3lcrhzK

What we know about the Omicron variant.

By Lynsey Chutel from NYT World https://ift.tt/3p4yDX9

New ‘Variant of Concern’ Fuels Global Fear of Another Virus Surge

By Richard Pérez-Peña and Jason Horowitz from NYT World https://ift.tt/3nWaIKj

‘Afghan Girl’ From 1985 National Geographic Cover Takes Refuge in Italy

By Jenny Gross from NYT World https://ift.tt/3lc10S6

Hong Kong records two cases of the new variant detected in South Africa.

By Vivian Wang from NYT World https://ift.tt/3xpnFzl

United States will bar travelers from 8 countries in southern Africa.

By Zolan Kanno-Youngs and Sheryl Gay Stolberg from NYT World https://ift.tt/30YhE0P

Seeking Backers for New Fund, Jared Kushner Turns to Middle East

By Kate Kelly, David D. Kirkpatrick and Alan Rappeport from NYT U.S. https://ift.tt/3HTxZV0

Days Before Dying, Stephen Sondheim Reflected: ‘I’ve Been Lucky’

By Michael Paulson from NYT Theater https://ift.tt/3rabhC8

There Is Another Democrat A.O.C. Should Be Mad At

By Greg Weiner from NYT Opinion https://ift.tt/3CXNbwy

Markets Tumble as New Coronavirus Variant Brings Travel Restrictions

By Eshe Nelson from NYT Business https://ift.tt/3DWPUrn

New Virus Variant Stokes Concern but Vaccines Still Likely to Work

By Carl Zimmer from NYT Health https://ift.tt/3CXNNm7

The 36 Questions That Lead to Love

By Daniel Jones from NYT Style https://ift.tt/tivlLWQ

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